Wooden wristwatch with brown genuine leather bracelet

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The watch is one of the accessories most used by men, women and even children. Apart from the fact that it tells the time at every moment, the watch is mainly worn to ensure a perfect finish for one's clothing.
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The watches are now offered on the market in different types to meet the different requirements of the customers. It is with this in mind that the new unique wooden watch with a brown genuine leather strap has been manufactured and offered to the various customers on the market. It is the trendy product currently on the watch market.

The new wooden watch with brown leather strap
The wooden watch is an accessory that is becoming more and more popular with both watch lovers and my bracelet lovers. It is a watch assembled from a simple wooden dial and a brown soft genuine leather strap. With its lightness and pleasant structure, it has been specially designed to offer the wearer optimal comfort on a daily basis.

Thanks to the simple wood of its clock dial and the color of its leather strap, the watch makes you look elegant and chic, whatever your style or clothing. It is characterized by great durability, it remains timeless and retains all its qualities despite the constraints of wear and time. It's the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and make a good impression.

Details of the wooden watch
The unique wooden watch with genuine leather is characterized by a brand new quartz movement, a dial of 45 millimeters in diameter, a band length of 24.5 centimeters, a case thickness of 12 millimeters, a fashion & casual style, etc...

A practical and pleasant watch
The unique wooden watch assures you the exact time at all times. The high-quality movement and battery guarantee that the watch will run accurately for a long time. The durable and soft leather strap easily adapts to everyday use. It is the ideal gift to please a loved one or yourself.


Wooden wristwatch with brown genuine leather bracelet is not currently available.

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