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Wooden watches with a leather strap are a real asset to enhance your look. For more information, check out this article. So you'll know more.
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The black wooden watch with a light leather strap and large dial is a very presentable accessory. It is made with materials that respect ecological standards. Thus, by purchasing this item, you can be sure that you are not contributing to the degradation of the environment. As an example of the material used to make the product, we have wood. The wood used is chemical-free and remains 100% natural. Another aspect of the product would be that it is very light so that it does not become a bulky accessory. Moreover, the design of the watch in black wood with a light leather strap and a large dial is quite atraying. It resists time and always remains fashionable.

What are the characteristics of the Black Wooden Watch with Large Dial Lightweight Leather Strap?
The watch wooden black leather strap large dial has its own unique features. It is made of wood and handcrafted. The case that composes the product is made of wood and the band that forms the bracelet part is leather. Returning to the case, it should be specified that it is made has a diameter of 4.6 cm and its thickness is 1.2cm. The length and width of the watch are 25.5 cm and 2.2 cm respectively.

In addition, we would like to point out that the Black Wooden Watch Large Leather Strap Large Dial is made of natural bamboo and can be hard in places and show some imperfections. The Black Wooden Watch with Large Dial Lightweight Leather Strap.


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