Waterproof LCD men's watch with digital stopwatch

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Focus on some information that will allow you to know a little more about this sports watch.

Presentation of LCD digital chronometer   

LCD digital chronometer is a watch designed by the brand " Duobla ". An exclusively digital sports accessory for men.

This digital invention is of a unique and exceptional quality due to its high-end design. It gives your wrist an aesthetic and comfortable look.

Moreover, with its 22.5cm strip length accompanied by 2.2cm width, it is very beautiful. And especially with people with an impressive physique. However, it is a universal watch because it is perfectly adjustable to fit all types of wrists.

In addition, LCD digital stopwatch can be used not only for outings with friends. But also for other activities such as: swimming, athletic or mechanical races and more. Therefore, it can be used as a stopwatch device or schedule guide.

Features of LCD digital stopwatch

The watch has Silicone, the material used for the band design and is surface coated with acrylic materials.

It has a case made of high quality PC. The case has a diameter of 5.5cm and a thickness of 1.45cm.

Water resistant, LCD digital stopwatch can be used for swimming. Its resistance can go up to 5ATM/50M. Nevertheless, be careful not to press any key while underwater.

Apart from these features, this watch has a brightness that can help you see not only in daylight, but also in darkness.


Waterproof LCD men's watch with digital stopwatch is not currently available.

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