Unique wooden watch with large numbers

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Over the years, analog watches have become a fashion accessory that cannot be ignored. They elegantly dress the wrists, and accessorize with any look and style of clothing.
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Discover the Unique wooden spherical wristwatch with bamboo leather dial number, and let yourself be seduced by its originality and warmth.

The characteristics of the Unique wooden spherical wristwatch number bamboo leather dial number

Made of authentic bamboo wood, the Unique Spherical Wristwatch is a watch with a wooden dial and a multifunction timepiece. It displays the time, day and month. The watch is equipped with a spherical shaped bracelet and dial combining leather and bamboo wood. Depending on the quality and nature of the wood used, each watch is unique. The shape of the bracelet and the mechanism make the watch easily customizable. Originality, simplicity and sobriety are the key words of the Unique spherical wristwatch. When you choose this watch, you are sure to dress your wrists in the most beautiful way. Because this watch embodies values based on eco-responsibility, authenticity and aesthetics, and combines the minimalism of design with the prowess of watchmaking.

A watch that preserves health

The vinage of the wood is an important point of wooden watches. More and more, the Unique spherical wooden wristwatch number dial in bamboo leather is good for health. Unlike watches made of plastic, steel or polluting materials, wooden watches do not harm the health of the owners. With their natural side, no more allergies that often come from dyes and preservatives or alcohol. Wooden watches do not leave traces or unpleasant smells after prolonged contact with sweat. They are light and easy to wear.

Unique wooden spherical wristwatch: an ecological watch

From an ecological point of view, the Unique wooden spherical wristwatch bamboo leather dial number is a non-polluting watch. It protects health and preserves the environment. It allows you to assert your personality and your closeness to nature, thanks to its timeless and incomparable style. The Unique spherical wooden wristwatch will provide you with optimal protection for your wrist when you put it on.


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