Ultra-light Quartz wood watch in maple tree life model

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Ultra-light Quartz wood watch in maple tree life model

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Tired of metal watches?

Well! New models exist on the market to give you the exoticism you desire. Come and discover the different characteristics of these typical watches.

Specificities and warranty
They are 100% natural hand-made wooden watches, light and comfortable to wear. The dial is unique rectangle and as the case is made of healthy wood.

Moreover they are not allergenic and are suitable for atopic individuals with very sensitive skin, as no paint or chemicals are applied to them. Also, the band is 100% calf leather, soft, pleasant to wear and durable. Also, they have a reliable high quality Japanese quartz movement.

This allows you to display the correct time with a 12-month warranty. Each of these watches will give you lasting pleasure. To enable you to read the time at night, they also have a luminous pointer design.

Material and style
The bracelet, minimalist is in leather and the watch in wood. There are of course other models where the bracelet and the watch are all made of wood. The horn allowing the attachment of the bracelet is made of metal.

The crown allowing the setting of the time, the date and the winding is made of metal. The case can have several shapes: square, triangular, rectangular, round.

The name of the brand is beautifully engraved. Like all the others, the wooden watches give well the complications: it is about other information other than the time. The dial on which are the patterns, and below which is located the engine of the watch is made of metal for some and wood for others.

Ultra-light Quartz wood watch in maple tree life model

Ultra-light Quartz wood watch in maple tree life model is not currently available.

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