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Personalized bamboo watches for children

The style is not age-specific. Whether it is a child or an adult, dressing well and adorning oneself with beautiful fashion accessories is a factor that requires consideration and respect in society.

And this must be taught to children from an early age so that the habit of always trying to look elegant can sprout in them. To help you in this effort, we offer you beautiful watches of excellent quality for children.

Elegant and customizable to the taste of your little one, they will allow your children to stand out on every outing. Find out more about them in the following.

The features of the watch

This is a watch made of wood, more specifically bamboo. The bracelet is made of real leather and is 25 cm long. Its width is 24 mm. Its case, entirely made of wood, has a thickness of 12mm. The dial has a plastic window, and the clasp is represented by a pin buckle.

What makes this product special, you will have noticed, is the atypical material with which it is made: wood. Its wrapping is handmade, which may therefore explain the presence of some natural lines and some technical imperfections.

These do not affect the nature and value of the watch in any way.

Why would you prefer it for your child?

The idea behind the design of this watch is, apart from putting a fairly innovative product on the market, to stimulate your child's curiosity and creative spirit. He will see hanging on his wrist a watch that is totally different from what he is used to seeing.

This will push him to always take actions that stand out positively in the crowd. Also, there is a possibility of personalization of the watch. So you can add his photo or a badge he likes.

Personalized bamboo watch live robot

Personalized bamboo watch live robot is not currently available.

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