Minimalist wooden men's and women's casual style watch

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The craze for the minimalist fashionable men's and women's sport wooden casual wristwatch is getting stronger and stronger in the market.
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It's a very formidable watch with very little aesthetic count, the materials used and to give more smile to the lip is customizable according to your taste or your logo. Given the importance of this little gem, it is important to make the right choice. And we are here to help you.

Description of the Fashionable Minimalist Men's Women's Sport Wooden Casual Wristwatch

The minimalist fashionable men's women's Sport Wooden Casual Wristwatch is a watch made from natural bamboo and is hand wrapped. 100% brand new and high quality, the case has been designed with bamboo and genuine leather strap. It features a Quartz movement type with a pin buckle. In addition the diameter of the case is 4.5 cm, the thickness of the case is 1.2 cm, the width of the band is 2.4 cm and the length of the bracelet is 24.5 cm so that it can be placed on your arm whatever the shape. The most amazing thing is its net weight of 37g which is not a load on your arm. Finally, it is a watch that can be customized according to your taste.

Why use the fashionable minimalist men's and women's Sport wooden casual wristwatch?

The minimalist fashionable men's women's Sport casual wooden wristwatch are considered natural watches, meeting ecological standards. First of all because it is customizable allows you to transform it to your taste, but also it has a long life plus other watches made with other materials. And finally it is less light.

In conclusion, since the watch is handmade from real bamboo, it may have hard natural lines and some imperfections. Moreover it has no paint.


Minimalist wooden men's and women's casual style watch is not currently available.

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