Extra-flat luxury men's watch

L'heure Passion


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A watch that stands out from all the other watches you have known in the past. You shouldn't have to wait any longer, this is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a watch that lives up to your elegance.

Here is some information that will allow you to learn more about this fabulous accessory.

Description of the extra-flat luxury men's watch

Minimalist Men's watches with matte black round dial with a sub-dial and three blue hands. An exceptional design that leaves you speechless. Made in a minimalist style, the watches are the perfect gift or personal accessory for any occasion.

Durable Quartz movement and good quality battery

Quartz movement with an analogical display that allows you to have a very precise time.

In addition, it has a luminous function that makes the hands glow in the dark. Thus, even in a dimly lit or dark place you have the ability to look at the time on the watch.

The watch has a battery that is quite resistant, which allows its owner to use it over several years without having to face the difficulties of changing the batteries each time.

Comfortable mesh watchband

Lightweight stainless steel mesh watchband with hook buckle for easy attachment and release, providing the user with optimum comfort.

A watch that is comfortable to wear and has a captivating look that sets you apart from your colleagues or friends. The minimalist watch with a band width of 21mm and a length of 24inch.

Waterproof and Scratch Resistant

This black watch is able to withstand natural weather conditions such as rain and sunlight. Indeed, the watch has a general resistance to perspiration and accidental splashes.

However, it could not withstand the pressure of showering or swimming. Its dial is covered with a very resistant mineral glass that protects the accessory against scratches.


Extra-flat luxury men's watch is not currently available.

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