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Connected watches are becoming increasingly popular and there are many different types available on the market.

This article discusses three of the most popular types: fitness, connected and traditional watches.

Fitness watches track your steps : calories burned, heart rate, etc. They are equipped with sensors that measure these parameters in real time to provide you with information. Connected watches connect to other devices such as a smartphone or computer to monitor data such as text messages, calls received/done, etc.

Traditional watches remain primarily analog : they display information in text or numbers only without the ability to connect directly to other devices.

Connected watches

What type of watch is right for you?

Fitness watches are designed to track your fitness progress and help you reach your fitness goals. They typically have a heart rate monitor, pedometer, calorie counter and timer. Connected watches are more versatile than fitness watches because they also offer notifications from your phone, weather forecasts, calendar events and reminders.

Some connected watches can also run apps such as Spotify or Google Maps.

The best connected watch for you depends on the type of user you are: If you're a fitness enthusiast who wants to track all your stats and motivate yourself with real-time feedback, a fitness watch is the device for you. If you only need notification support and don't care about the other features that fitness watches typically offer (like GPS), an Android Wear connected watch may be better suited for you.

Apple Watch users should consider buying an Apple Watch Sport or a stainless steel model instead of opting for one of the more expensive options like the Edition or Gold models. The Sport models have built-in heart rate monitors that track the number of calories burned per hour as well as the walking/running distance covered. These features make them great alternatives if you prefer not to have visible electronics when you work out outside.

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