Tree of Life: Origins and Symbols

Do you know the Tree of Life? A symbol of good luck represented by a tree with its roots and branches, it is often offered to our loved ones as a sign of protection. Read this article to learn more about the origins and symbolism of the tree of life.

The tree of life is a universally known symbol. It is present in many stories and legends. Many sacred places and artistic representations refer to it.

Its origin and definition

The notion of the tree of life has its origins in ancient times. This kind of symbol represented in the form of a tree with roots, a main trunk and very tree-like branches is observed in various civilizations, mainly in Latin America, Europe, Egypt and India. It is present in many beliefs. Each territory and religion may have its own meaning of the tree of life. But in any case, what makes them similar is the sacred character given to this kind of symbol.

The tree of life: symbol of love and protection


Present in religious traditions, it embodies a plant of immortality placed in the middle of Paradise: the tree loses its foliage in winter and regains it in spring. The tree of life is thus the symbol of the death-resurrection cycle where life and immortality always prevail over death.

With its roots firmly planted underground and its branches pointing to the sky, it symbolizes the link between the earthly world and the afterlife. Referring to a sense of grounding, it evokes the power of life and its origins.

What does the tree of life and its benefits represent ?

The tree of life represents physical and spiritual fulfillment. This is characterized by its shape. Its roots go deep underground while its branches grow and ascend to the sky. From a symbolic point of view, a tree has 3 parts, including the roots, the trunk and the crown.

According to the Chinese tradition, these 3 parts symbolize the earth, the man and the sky. In this case, the man is in the center. He plays the intermediary by putting in relation the earth and the sky. This implies the connection of matter and soul, of the small universe and the big universe.

It is thanks to the nutrients and minerals brought by the earth that a tree can live. It draws its nourishment directly from the ground. However, this is not enough to keep it alive. It also needs sunlight, water from the rain and wind to grow. Thus, we obtain the 4 fundamental elements present in a tree, including fire (sun), air, earth and water. Fire gives it energy, air allows it to move, earth constitutes a basic support and allows it to have its form and water gives it existence. This constitutes the knowledge of life. Man also has these 4 elements. The legs are earth, the intestines are water, the lung is air and the head is fire.

Among the concepts conveyed by a tree of life is origin. Its roots demonstrate a sense of grounding. They emphasize the importance of the first source and that all things on earth have origins. This symbol also means creation, production, life cycle and continuity of life. A tree bears fruit that will in turn bear new trees. This is also the case for human beings. Thus, life is passed on from one generation to another. A tree of life also represents evolution. It refers to the evolution of man. In the beginning, humans have a single origin, but over time they develop into a great diversity of races.

The tree of life is also a symbol of generosity. It embodies the bounty of nature. This is due to the many things it can provide. A tree offers food through its fruits. It also provides shelter and shade as well as warmth. According to Celtic belief, trees have powers. They are able to protect everything that lives around them. Many people still believe in this belief to this day and do not hesitate to create protective totems with wood.

Tree of life jewelry

Many jewels represent this symbol. Wearing one would attract positive waves to its holder.

Earrings, bracelet, pendant, ... It is offered to the people we love to bring them love, luck and good health because like the tree that takes root, it is an eternal symbol.

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Great article Lots of symbolism and teaching! Thank you so much for the great work and sharing you do!

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