The 10 most affordable Swiss watch brands

Generally, when people think of high quality watches, Swiss brands come to mind. However, these watches often come with a high price tag. Today, we take a look at 10 watch brands that offer quality without breaking the bank. All of these brands are part of the Swatch Group, which has become the go-to source for popular watches.

The Swatch Group is considered the home of quality watches, and today we're taking a look at 10 brands that provide access to that quality without breaking the bank. These brands are all part of the Swatch Group, which has become known for its popular watch lines.

oris watches


Oris is a company that started in a small town, but has since become well known in the watchmaking world for their large crowns on pilot's watches from the 1930s. During lean times in the 1940s, they diversified into alarm clocks to stay afloat, which shows their flexibility and willingness to take risks even today. Those risks often paid off, as evidenced by the fact that they received awards for the highest accuracy. Their original sliding watch band was revolutionary and they continue to innovate today with a variety of leather straps and stainless steel bands. You can usually replace the strap on any of their watches relatively easily, although the company recommends that you use the straps they feel are best suited for each particular model. They are still active in industries like shipping, motorsports and aviation, so you should be able to find an Oris watch that suits your needs, no matter what your tastes are.

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wenger watches


The Wenger brand is rich and varied. Its origins date back 120 years as the makers of the world-famous Swiss knife. They only branched out into watchmaking 21 years ago, but the quality of their craftsmanship has continued. The watch brand has continued to grow since then and they now have a wide variety of timepieces ranging from classic dress watches to fashionable sports watches. The men's watches can be a bit large, but their comfortable aesthetic makes the larger size manageable. The ladies' watches all exude elegance with their carefully smooth features. Wenger has a strong design team that keeps the brand fresh; an example of this is the Urban Classic watch. It is important to keep in mind that Swiss made, especially on more affordable models, does not necessarily mean Swiss manufactured, which is the case with Wenger products. However, the movement is completely reliable and you will be hard pressed to find anything poor in their overall collection.

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alpina watches


Alpina has been a leading Swiss watch brand for many years, with a reputation for innovation and quality. Alpina watches are designed to be antimagnetic, shockproof, water resistant and made of stainless steel, making them durable and reliable. The Alpina movement is known to be reliable because of its constant dedication to progress and innovation.


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Swatch established its brand by appealing to fashion-conscious people who were looking for affordable and stylish watches. They avoided using expensive materials and complicated assembly to keep costs down. Swatch also created the Swatch Club, which gives members exclusive access to signature timepieces. If you're not interested in artistic watches, don't worry - Swatch offers a variety of styles to suit every preference.


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tag heuer watches

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is one of the most popular Swiss watch brands. It has a wide range of products, including some that are quite affordable. The company has its roots in sports and is still associated with many sporting events. Its timekeeping capability was excellent in the early 19th century and remains so today. Its designs were influenced by motorsports, which means that even its entry-level products are designed to withstand regular use.

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movado watch


Movado is a lesser known brand, but still carries the mark of Swiss quality. There is not a wide range of models available from Movado, but the models they do have are intriguing. The Museum model seems to be their most popular watch, and it is fashioned with the minimalist movement in mind. Most of their watches can be classified as minimalist in style - although there are also sporty style watches with chronograph functionality. The Swiss-made Sellita movement powers these watches reliably; although some people complain that it can be a bit loud. The Movado team has an obvious taste for bling; as you'll see in some of their women's watches that sport a unique style - making them perfect evening watches.

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mido watch


Mido watches are made for automotive fans with an architectural influence, which is why you will always find an aesthetic look to one of their watches. Mido watches are popular all over the world, probably because of their understated sophistication. Their watches are usually not packed with outwardly eye-catching features, but rather are designed to perfection. They top innovation in the early 19th century that increased the water resistance of their timepieces. Now that technology is more readily available, they have been able to focus more on their design routes and have produced beautiful luxury pieces at a price point unusual in the luxury watch space. If you are attracted to classic timepieces and reliability, Mido watches have a lot to offer. Their ETA movement mechanisms are top drawers and they often score high on the COSC watch quality testing scale.

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tissot watches


Tissot is one of the oldest watchmakers and creates Swiss-made timepieces that are excellent in terms of quality and affordability. Being part of the Swatch Group reduces production costs while ensuring that you don't sacrifice your appreciation for quality craftsmanship. If you want a high-end automatic movement, the price might be a bit higher; however, if you're looking for something more affordable, lower-cost movements are always reliable. It's not very clear where the design team gets their influence from, but they seem to experiment with different styles. Having been around for so long and being such a great brand, there are endless watches on offer, so it would be pointless to mention specific models here - chances are you'll find a design to your liking.

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breitling watches


Breitling specializes in pilot's watches, functional, no-nonsense watches designed to last. Their use of durable materials and advanced technology has kept them at the forefront of watchmaking for over a century. While their products are not considered "affordable," they offer less expensive models that still deliver the quality Breitling is known for.

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raymond weil watches

Raymond Weil

Raymond Weil draws inspiration for their design and timepiece names from music, giving their watches an air of artistic appeal. The diversity of their watch design is remarkable and their craftsmanship on display with each piece is something to marvel at. There are a few skeleton watches in their collection that allow you to look into their intricate work and appreciate the creativity of their designs, styles ranging from famous bands to instrumentally guided pieces such as the cello. Raymond Weil are passionate watchmakers who go so far as to assemble their own movements as well as create new ones; the company is a relatively small family business that often makes a limited number of pieces for each model. Your collection will be much richer with one of these timepieces to brighten it up.

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