Bamboo wood watch to give you a new look

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Something new for you! If you're in need of a natural watch, then you've come to the right place. A natural and ergonomic watch, made of bamboo wood to give you a new look.

It has just come out of the factory and is out of the ordinary. Would you like to try this wonderful bracelet that already gives elegance to some people? Keep reading this text.

Fashion, watch with natural bamboo wood dial.

Finished with stainless steel watches! Now lean towards the wooden watch. 100% natural, watch characterized by its quartz movement. The bracelet of the watch is made with hard leather and of better quality. The window of its dial is made with plastic material.

When you buy it, you will see that its case is made of wood with a thickness of 1.2 cm. The bracelet of this fashionable watch is made with a pin buckle clasp, which will allow you to wear it in a single gesture. It's beautiful, isn't it? In addition, with a diameter of about 4.4 cm, the bracelet of the natural wood dial watch is 2.4 cm wide and about 24 cm long.

Dear Customer, just remember that this watch is made of natural wood and remains the kind of brand you need. With a small budget, you will make the people who wear this watch stand out and stand out from the others on your school outings.

Our opinion on the natural wood watch dial.

After approaching some users of this natural wood watch, they feel that it is the most practical and makes the user look natural in his clothing. Moreover, it adheres well to a multitude of clothes. What are you waiting for to add it to the basket and stand out from the others?

Finish off with the heavy steel watch and opt for the natural wood one, which is very light and flexible to use.

Bamboo wood watch to give you a new look

Bamboo wood watch to give you a new look is not currently available.

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